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I just recently discovered this while questing in The Storm Peaks, and thought this would be the time to mention it (Before it’s fixed).

In the Storm Peaks, there is a chain of quests beginning with Quest: Aid from the Explorer’s League – Thottbot: World of Warcraft

Once you get to this one in the chain: Quest: Fury of the Frostborn King – Thottbot: World of Warcraft
The fun can begin.

First, make your way into the “Frigid Tomb”, due south of The Engine of the Makers. Once you reach the end of the tomb, you can turn in the quest and get “The Fury of the Lichborn King”. In this quest, you must escort an elite dwarf with roughly 121k HP through the dangerous cave of non-elites and out to freedom (I seriously doubt he needs any help).

Basically, just make your way through the cave and the non-elites will aggro to you. They drop loot and give normal XP. Once they hit you, the dwaf NPC will attack. He hits for 1-2k, and I’ve seen him crit 4k.

Note: To get experience, you MUST damage the mob. You do not need to damage the mob first, just before it dies. I don’t think there is a total you must damage it for the kill to count as yours.

Now, I know you are saying: “This isn’t AFK! I still have to hit a button!”. Well, here is the awesome part: Have a “Causes damage to attackers” buff, IE, Warlock Imp’s Flame Shield, Mage’s Molten Armor, Ret paladins Retribution Aura (What I’m currently using). The mob will go directly to you, hit you, take a small amount of damage, and the dwarf will attack. THE DWARF DOES NOT ATTACK UNTIL YOU ARE HIT.

This has worked wonders for my ret paladin. My Ret aura hits for 150-200, and I am getting 2000 XP Per kill (Rested) just from the initial time it hits me.

Also: It helps to have a high HP pool or fast regen, so you don’t have to heal often. The mobs will usually only hit you once for 200-500 before the dwarf NPC attacks.

Good luck, and use it quick before it gets fixed

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