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Quest : [Bringing Down the Iron Thane]

You recieve an item called a Golem Control Unit which makes you jump in this golem vehicle (Big old iron golem) with two spells for the quest and about 500 DPS melee swings with an instant cast spell with a 1.5 sec cooldown… anyway getting onto things….

The item says “Use: Activate your Charged War Golem. Can only be activated in Dun Argol.” but….. you walk outside Dun Argol and wa-laa! You’re walking around in a golem that has 33k HP and can kill just about anything, have a friend come heal you and cause some havok. I had 3 warlocks chain fearing me before I died while stomping around…. he’s a pic to prove it, outside Dun Argol as you can see and the corpse behind that I killed bring some friends and have an army of golems running around Dun Argol–Better yet, go run around some OTHER ZONES!!!, doubtful that anyone could kill you with 5 people inside a golem with 33k HP

—Also take no fall damage, just cant jump

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