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This guide would be helpful for storing your computer while you glide, so that you can save power (the screen will be turned off), or if you are a kid and glide but dont want your parents to find your computer.

This guide is all about me sharing my techniques for hiding my computer from my parents while i botted, because they didnt want me to.

This guide is intended for vista and may (untested) work for XP. This works best with laptops which are quiet and dont overheat.

The first part is to make it so that you can close your computer without making it go into sleep mode. To do this:

1. Right click your desktop and click “Personalize”
2. Click “Screen Saver”
3. Click the link on the bottom left that says “Change power settings…”
4. On the right panel, click “Choose what closing the lid does”
5. Where it says “When i close the lid:” toggel the drop down list to “do

You can now close your computer without it turning off. The next part is to hide the Glider icon from the system tray.

1. Right click the taskbar
2. Click properties
3. Change to the “Notification Area” tab
4. Click customize
5. Find Glider in the list and in the “Behavior” column, change it from “Hide when inactive” to “Hide”.

Note: You will have to do this each time you close and reopen Glider. You can show the icon by pressing the arrow pointing to the left on the taskbar.

After this you can lock your computer, but be sure you have a secure password.

1. Click start (Vista Icon)
2. Click the arrow pointing to the right, in the bottom right of the menu

After all of this is done you can put your computer away and it will look unsuspicous to your parents, and if it is found they cant unlock it and there is always the third defense which hides the icon from showing up in the system tray. The worst they can do is shut your computer down. Just trying to contribute, hope you enjoyed!

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