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Today i am explaining how i myself made 1000g just 2 days ago with no effort at all =)

First you must find out how much a stack of [FrostWeave cloth] cloth is on your server.
On Gorgonash horde side its about 40g a stack. Thats way overpriced and good for our method!
Make a macro that says: /2 WTB [Frostweave cloth]x20 for [18-22g depending on servers pricing] COD add 1g if you hate to wait!
Now set up the Auto click [ Auto Typer And Auto Clicker – Free software downloads and reviews – CNET ] Virus free and works perfectly. Set up 2 to be less bot like [Less chance of ban]. Or you can manually click it when playing or buying stuff and doing many other methods of making money =)

Setting them up You should know how to convert milliseconds -> seconds if not use Google =)
Set one of them up for Click every 1 Minute 30 seconds and the other Every 1 minute 10 seconds… Start the first auto Clicker then count to 30. then start the second auto clicker… Go afk come back 12 hours later[Whenever you want accualy ] Take all the frostweave from your mailbox… Use simple math and make sure your not getting ripped off.

Head to the Auction house for the final step. Take all your frostweave and place it at 35g-40g 48 hours [1g50s price to put it on ah] Make sure you can pay the deposit then. rinse repeat…

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