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Did not write this, stumbled across it though, its a pretty cool program.

Download Link for VB.Net project and Source:

Hey guys! So ive Finally Finished my Phisher program , Its got a new interface and all, No bugs that ive seen so far! But for this version Ill have to make custom versions for those who want it. (More Info on that below) Also below are pic’s of the next version with Features So you can customize it yourself! (hacker Settings) that will be version 2.2. Anyway Heres my finished WoW Game time Code Re-GeneratorX version 2.1!

And Thank you Zeroi9 for the help! Its red now zero you happy? lol

Re-GenX Interface:

About Re-GenX Form:

Features with Version 2.1:
* Over 50 Different Combos of legit Time code #’s (used of coarse but real)
* Sends US or EU time codes to your Email (when Custom made)
* Easy to use interface for victim
* Fast Download
* Read me File with directions telling victim they can not use ethier code for atleast 3-4 hours or risk ban etc. (read yourself and see or watch my youtube vid)
* “Demo” version Key, lets victim try program for free for “limited time” or “purchase” a full version key (I have an email setup , Incase of requests lol )

Next Version (2.2) Will have a Special form (As you can see on the program the “Full Version” key slot and button is actually a password protected form) sot that you can access the “Hacker Settings” form which will come up (Pic below) Then you can customize the program yourself so the program uses your info in a hidden .DLL file, So all you have to do is “Download, Extract, Customize, Zip it back up in a .rar or .zip file” and go Phishin!

Customized programs Listed Below:
ColinCancer- Download Here::

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