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This is for version 3.0.3 and for private servers only.

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VirusTotal Scan (Remember that the hack is modifying wow memory but 2/37 isn’t dangerous)

F1:AirWalk – You walk at the same level (Toggled)
F2:ClimbHack – You can climb any mountain easily (Toggled)
F3:NoClip – You can go through anything (Toggled)
F5:More Speed – Increase your current speed
F6:Less Speed – Decrease your current speed
Insert:MoveUp – You move to the sky! (Toggled)
Del:MoveDown – You move to the floor!(and under the floor) (Toggled)
F11:Reload – This command reload the hack

Some tips:

NoClip and AirWalk can’t be used at same time
When on AirWalk and using MoveUp or MoveDown, press F1 again to go back into the AirWalk state
ClimbHack is very buggy when using on normal floor. It should only be used to climb
Speed Hacks are going back to normal when you stop. So you need to modify it while moving
If you use MoveDown to go too far under the ground, you will died.
Use reload when you change of map or when you relog (restart the hack if the game closes)

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