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Cat Carrier (Black Tabby) has a 15-20% drop rate from Dalaran Spellscribe located at Ambermill in Silverpine Forest. This mob, and all surrounding mobs, are friendly to alliance. Sorry ally players. πŸ™ It’s also an ultra rare drop from the mobs around Dalaran, but don’t bother farming them. The rarespawn I linked has a 3-10 hour respawn rate.

Theoretically, level 20’s can farm it, but I wont recommend it. The Dalaran Spellscribe is extraordinarily powerful for a rarespawn its level. He reportedly has a “Freeze” ability which stuns for about 15 seconds, does not break on damage, and has a dot component to it. AKA: Ow. πŸ™

The tabby sells on the horde auction house for a ridiculous amount compared to how easy it is to obtain. On Mug’thol, vendor mini pets tend to go for 10-50g/each (depending on horde/alliance vendors). Engineering mini pets for 100-300g each. Whelplings sell for 1.5 – 1.8k. This cat has successfully sold for 650g near-instantly.

Now, this is just on the horde auction house, where anyone can easily farm for this. Alliance-side I’m sure this will go for way more. If you have a second account or a friend who can help you move it to Alliance you can make even more. Or list it on the Neutral AH. πŸ˜‰

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