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I’m 375 fishing and while exploring fishing spots these are two of my favorites
First Place is in Feralas (fishing skill needed 250+)
Goto Feathermoon FP and travel south along teh coast where you will see pools of floating debris/ these for loot that contains:
Sealed Chests which contain Bolts of Rune Cloth/Mageweave, Greens, Leather and other free stuff.

Second Place is in Azshara (fishing skill needed 350+)
take the FP to Azshara and travel north to the coast where the serpent people are down the cliff on the beach..go in water and swim to scalebeard there for:
Large Raw Might fish – 65-70g per stack in AH
Stonescale Eels- used in alchemy
Lobsters – 40-50g per stack in AH

all very profitable and elite Scale Beard drops a green everytime killed.
picture of second spot below:
Creature: Scalebeard – Thottbot: World of Warcraft

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