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This is my guide to get the Proto Drake ‘Time-Lost Proto Drake’

Not alot of you mighty know, but theres a VERY STUPIDLY RARE spawn in Stormspeaks, named the Time-Lost Proto Drake. He has a 100% chance to drop:

Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake – Item – World of Warcraft

He spawns where the Blue Dragonkin are east and around the Engine of the Makers in Storm Peaks.

Have fun farming yourself a pro Proto Drake.

CoT drake is simple – you have 25 minutes to get to Malganis. If you do this in under 25 minutes in the non-on fire area theres a path, follow it up and kill the Infinite Corrupter – 100% to drop his mount – Reins of the Bronze Drake. (Heroic only)

Reins of the Bronze Drake – Item – World of Warcraft

Happy days?

I think so.

I got my Bronze Drake today, after my Heroic Farming group have done it 3 times now and 3 of us now have the mount.

As for the Time-Lost Drake? I’m still spamming that /target time-lost macro =]

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