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First i hate griding or farming but when the price is right i feel i should do it. For now i think this feel i should do it so i think its worth enough to post it.

I checked the auction house for overpriced items and one standed out to me. Crystallized Life (eternal life) is on my AH for 70G each. Wowhead didnt have spots or mobs to that told you who dropped them so i had to look around for a few.

Anyway i found a spot, require level 77-78+. Im 80, i can get 1 eternal life within 5-7min and if u get 10 per hour thats about 700G/H. These atm sell very good and they are the only eternal hard to get.

Here is the pics for the spot.
ImageShack – Hosting :: wow2008111803320657mg8.jpg
ImageShack – Hosting :: wow2008111803321365hs0.jpg

I been farming them for about 3 hours now, i have yet to see 1 person pass or come to me. For some reason the lake has also been dead.

Also if you need Eternal Fire one, in the second pic on the complete right is a decent spot.

Note this is something to use now, im sure prices will drop in weeks but whenever i see something that can make me quick gold i grab it.

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  1. by deathweaper, on September 20 2009 @ 8:08 am


    yeh um.. i am a lvl 60 dk neally and i need a flying mount where do i learn farming 2 buy it?

  2. by nibbixwoud, on September 25 2009 @ 12:07 pm


    a flying mount with lvl 60? yeah… questing up to lvl 66 – you will have enough gold, if you can save the gold on do not spend at worthless things (dk’s are OP)

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