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For this Exploit

– you need the Quest “No Place to run” in Dragonblight
No Place to Run – Quest – World of Warcraft
it is a Level 74 Quest, which starts in Dragonblight.
-more than 5 Ppl to help you

Normally you use a Questitem to spawn a Crystal on the Floor, then Mobs run to this Crystal, trying to destroy it. Those Attackers give Xp, are really fairly easy (bombable) and run all towards the same Point (Crystal).

The Exploit is:
Unlimited Crystals can be “active” at the same Time, ( you yourself can spawn 2 Crystals simultanously, but your Friends can also spawn them ) so get your your Helpers together, but !DONT GROUP! You can Tag “their Questmobs” and they give you XP!

I was able to do 3 Levels in less than 2 Hours ( 22 Level 80 Chars helped me – we were last in our Guild )
together with a friendly Paladin, wo tanked those Mobs , while my Hunter spammed Volley on those Mobs.
I think you can do this with less Ppl and it would still be effective. this is also great for Multiboxers imho.

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