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well i manage to jump a hunter there, for Eagle eye and got a few shots, (ive still go the hunter at the waterfall place, i could get to the house but i dont have enginneering boots on any char :s so i cant jump across the mountain

ImageShack – Hosting :: holyshitbg8.jpg (that was when i was on my paladin as the hunter is h8’d by BB and cant get noggen to finish teh jump, from that pos u can rocket boots to the house – havnt got engi -.-)

heres a pic when i used far sight…

ImageShack – Hosting :: thehouseonflightpathkd2.jpg

if i manage to get a char with some kind of slow fall and engineering with rocket boots ill upload some more but for now

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  1. by Commonsense, on October 20 2009 @ 8:37 am


    you dont need any of that engineering crap, seriously you can get there from Burning Steppes, I will hopefully post a guide on how to get there soon … (i have been there on a lvl 56 Pally, no proffessions)

  2. by Commonsense, on November 3 2009 @ 7:59 am


    oh, nope… i take back my previous comment 😐

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