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Wintergrasp is the pvp zone supposed to be only reachable with flying mount at lvl 77.

There was an old way in beta up the “avalanche” that no longer works because its full to the rim with elite packs of mobs.

Heres an alternative, need just mount and slow fall, sorry if not super detailed I was in a rush. You can figure it out and explore better when less details

1. Ride into crystal song and hug the left all , you pass some elite 78+ mobs just hug wall its no problem.

Here is rough route

2. Here where you ride up the mountain you can use that tower for reference, most of it is ridable but there 2 spots where you have to slow fall to a ledge to continue.

3. Some route more detailed

4. Mount to first x then slowfall to the second one, make sure you don’t go to far and past the smallish ledge.

5. here the view looking back at the awesome slowfall you have to land.

6. Thats it just past the ledge you in wintergrasp, you can do whatever but bring a group if you want to take any pvp objectives, I didn’t have time to look around but heres me in main base.

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