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Hey all, For those who use a Paladin like me with ZoloFighter(my favorite bot) For some reason Eating and drinking has been left out of the Binding_Paladin.CFG file, and when your toon gets below your health/mana level you set for resting/eating he will just rest and wont eat/drink…. So i have fixed this and it works perfect!
::Note:: Also Fixed the CoolDown timing for spells So your char. wont spam spells so fast that it cant catch up
Enjoy , Ethier copy and paste this Code over your Defacts in your Paladin bindings CFG file or download the Fixed Bindings_Paladin.CFG

Download Bindings_Paladin.CFG file Here

Copy and paste this Code with Defact in the CFG file

defact= act:sealcdr slot:1 key:2 cooldown:1.5
defact= act:dprot slot:1 key:4 cooldown:1.7 js:checkHealth()
defact= act:cstrike slot:1 key:5 cooldown:1.0 js:checkCrusaderStrikeCooldown()
defact= act:hammer slot:1 key:8 cooldown:1.0 js:checkHammerCooldown()
defact= act:manatap slot:1 key:3 cooldown:1.7
defact= act:food slot:1 key:-
defact= act:drink slot:1 key:=

Virus Scan:
Antivirus Version Last Update Result
AVG 2008.11.11 – Clean
BitDefender 7.2 2008.11.11 – Clean
ClamAV 0.94.1 2008.11.11 – Clean
DrWeb 2008.11.11 – Clean
eSafe 2008.11.11 – Clean
Ewido 4.0 2008.11.11 – Clean
F-Secure 8.0.14332.0 2008.11.11 – Clean
GData 19 2008.11.11 – Clean
Kaspersky 2008.11.11 – Clean
McAfee 5430 2008.11.10 – Clean
Microsoft 1.4104 2008.11.11 – Clean

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