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the original version of Carbonite is encrypted and the Charname/Realm and unique ID of the Carbonite Account is placed deep in the encrypted lua-code and you can run this addon only with the registered Charname/Realm.

i invested a few hours to decrypt the lua-code and replaced the Carbonite Accountdata with the lua-functions UnitName(“player”) and GetRealmName() and modified some other functions, so this Version should run everywhere.
you don’t need any crack and the lua-code is now in “plain text” but not really readable, because of the use of confusing function/variable names

here the link to the latest Version 2.5:

big thanks to lothaer and SuI2k

have fun and sorry for my poor english.

Features of Carbonite: (Source:

Map – The Carbonite map gives you all the information you need in one easy to use and flexible Google like map. Move, size or zoom it the way you like. Map Features

Quest – Blaze through quests at lightning speed and level faster than you ever thought possible. Our extensive quest database lists the location of quest givers, objectives and turn-ins. Simply click any objective from your quest list and Carbonite will show you where to go. No more wasted time bouncing back and forth between a web browser and the game. Quest Features

Guide/Hud – The guide is your in-game GPS – it contains the location of every mailbox, trainer, flight master, repair vendor, instance, battle master, etc… if it’s in the game it’s in the guide. Just click the icon and the HUD navigation arrow will show you the direction, distance and ETA to your target. You can also use it to locate your friends or guild members in a battleground. Guide Features

Warehouse – Browse the equipment, bag and bank slots of every one of your characters at one time! Check their professions, money, experience, honor, arena points and more. You don’t have to spend your time switching between characters, use the search filter to find the characters that have just what your looking for. Warehouse Features

Battlegrounds – Dominate your opponents with our enhanced battleground map. See the combat status, heath, target and target health of all your teammates. See objective timers right on the map and issue orders with a click of the mouse – call for reinforcements to attack a vulnerable enemy target or simply announce the status of an objective. “He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.” – Sun Tzu

Events – A time stamped list of experience and honor gained, enemies killed and other information. What was the name of that guy who ganked you 10 minutes ago? How much honor did you get from the last 3 kills? Did you land the killing blow? Look and see.

Gather – All mining and herb picking is tracked and can be shown on map.

UI – Windows can be moved, sized and locked. Values are saved for each character. Coexists well with most UI addons.

Privacy – Not in a social mood? Just turn off communication with guild, friend or zone and other Carbonite users won’t see what you’re up to.

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