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For all of you who play rogue you know that there are 3 main types of playstyle
1. Dagger build, where u do massive dmg through ambush/backstab/mutilate
2. Combat build – mainly for PvE
3. Stunlock (my favourite)

Unfortunately if u choose stunlock like me u would use a slow mace/sword/fist wep for ur main hand, cause it does much more dmg with hemo. I’ve found a macro in wowwiki that can switch your weapons (must have dagger in the off-hand) > ambush and then switch back the wepz so u can deal more dmg with the slower weapon. Well the macro didn’t work after I’ve spent an hour trying to get it right (since it was the first macro I was making, not just copy-paste) I finally made it.. well with a little tweak but someone that can make macros will perfect it I hope.

As for the macro I put new wepz and the 255 chars were over before I can write the whole macro so I shortened it and it still works the same way:

/equipslot 17 [name of the MH wep]
/equipslot 16
[name of the MH wep]
/cast ambush
/equipslot 17 [name of the MH wep]
/equipslot 16 [name of the MH wep]
It doesn’t make sense to me but it works lol

(22.Oct.0 EDIT: I won’t post again I’ll just edit this post…
Ok after a little searching on the web I managed to “upgrade” this macro to ver 3.0 xD

/equipslot 17 [name of the MH wep]
/equipslot 16
[name of the MH wep]
/cast [stealth] ambush; backstab
/equipslot 17 [name of the MH wep]
/equipslot 16 [name of the MH wep]

Now in this version if you are in stealth you’ll ambush and if you’re not you’ll backstab, so no need to use TWO separate of these so precious buttons

I suggest you use some easy-to-press button like me:

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