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Okay, everybody knows that blacksmith is pretty hard to level up. One of the hardest , perhaps the hardest proffesion in tbc to level. Because it requires either tons of gold or millions of farming hours.

The hardest part is leveling from 360 to 375 i personnaly spend about 1000 g while leveling bs up from there.

So what you need is the mats for something blue or epic which gives you skill in bs.
for example the 1 handed blacksmith weapon or some of the flame resistance recipes from the aldor.

You craft it and should get a skill point, what you do know is writing a ticket to a gm about yourself having mistakenly created that item and wanting your mats back.
The skill point you got from that item will stay on you.

That should save you about 400 g or a lot of farming hours, its a pitty that you cannot do that more than 4 times (as far as i know) because you cannot do more items restores.

I am only trying to contribute, if this is a repost sorry and delete it(used search found nothing).

i hope i could help some of you on their long and hard road to blacksmithing endgame weapons.

Please recognize that trying to scam a gm can get you a bann (but most likely not more than 24 hours), i did that thing 3 times in a row always waiting half a day till the next point.
The chances of getting the same GM twice is small, but may happend so use at own risk

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