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There is a new device that I’ve just recently heard of that is taking xbox live & ps3 online by storm from what I’ve seen.

It’s called lag switch. It basically gives you control of how you lag & when you lag. This could help rogues exploit flag running with sprint, etc.

You can download the software or make it yourself by fiddling around with your ethernet cords connected to the router or modem.

Note: (You only need ONE type of installation: Software installation is for if you are not very good at messing around with your ethernet cords, etc.)

I havn’t tried this yet as I just quit WoW just a couple days ago, but I figured id help you guys exploit the system further. I don’t know if it will work with Computer games such as WoW, but it probably will work just as good as the 360 & Ps3.

You can search Lag switch on Youtube and Google if interested.

Heres some Youtube vids I found for both types of installation.


Hardware (Messing With your Ethernet Cords)

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