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I wrote this little script because I was bored and I wanted to see if this is possible.

After activating the script, you automatically write leet. Example:

17 5H0U1D 100K 11K3 71H5.
7RY 17 0U7 Y0UR531F!

You can deactivate the script by closing on the left side of your task bar or in your process manager. It is written in Auto-It.
It’s actually funny to use this while chatting with friends, they wonder how you can type leet so fast.

Download link: 1337.rar –

I can tell you that it’s save, but it would be nice if someone can post a virus check for people who are aware of the danger of the keylogger crap some people post. I can’t upload the file on myself, i just get an exception error, dunno why.

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