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Today an Event has started in Orgrimmer and Stormwind That sends Abominations and Frostworms that are Bosses into the Citys and Attack, Now while this attack happens, Every Factions Capital City boss is in one of those city, Such as Orgrimmer will have, Thrall, Sylvanis ect. Stormwind will have Wrynn, Dwarf king ect. Now while watching Orgrimmer, All the Bosses Got Owned by the Mobs attacking, Now if you are smart enough you can run into the city While the boss’s are low health, ( Faction Boss’s that is ) Hit them with an instant attack. and get the Achievement for the Kill, Now all the boss’s arn’t grouped up, maybe 2 together at once, rest are running around trying to kill crap, so if your Horde or Alliance, Try this Out. and if your good enough / lucky enough to hit all the bosses at low Health Gratz on Your Black War Bear

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