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Made some huge changes, it’s basically a new program.
You will require patch 3.x

[+]Added support for an optional realmlist.
[+]Added a ‘cache deleter’ button, since my last one just did it silently.
[+]Added pop-out messages, so you can see what’s happened.
[+]Added the ‘thanks to’ groupbox.
[+]Created seperate EU and US versions.
[+]Created a new user-friendly interface.
[-]Removed old, ugly interface.

US Download:
Realmlist Changer US.rar

EU Download:
Realmlist Changer EU.rar

US Scan.
EU Scan.

Should be helpful for your server if you’re getting people asking how to change their realmlist after the update. This tool will do it all for you. I’m pretty proud of this release, just thinking what to do next, haha. You’ll require version 3.x and err… Yep, that’s just about it.
You don’t have to use this if you don’t want to, just figured I’d post it to be a help. 😉

Your WoW directory must be located at:
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft

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