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I’m going to uncover something iv found out for quite some time now. In order to do this, you are going to need a bit of gold, BUT IT WILL DOUBLE. Say i had 20 nether vortex’s, what you are going to do is take the item you want 2x of and sell it to a vendor, then make a ticket. Tell the GM you accidently sold your 20 vortex’s and they do not appear in the buyback tab.<— crucial.
(dont log out..)
then within minutes, the GM will mail you back the vortex’s C.O.D’d for the price u vendored them for. This has worked for me in many cases. There is a chance that the GM will take away 1 of your item restores tho, but not in all cases. I have found that this also works for Weapons, a great way to do this is buy or get a very expensive BOE epic or something off of the AH, eg. Shadowfang-19 twink sword, can go anywhere up to 5000g on some servers. So you would do the same thing with this as you would with anything else. This does NOT work 100% it depends on the GM that you get. Enjoy your free gold while it lasts!

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