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This tool will allow you to morph the models of anything you can target (including yourself) as seen in this thread:…cale-hack.html ([Showoff] Morph Hack And Scale Hack)

Use the loader ‘Morpher.exe’ to run WoW. It will scan the registry and launch WoW using the the last path stored there, or if you have multiple WoW copies then run the program from your WoW directory (make sure to copy Morpher.dll across too) to run WoW.exe from there instead.

You MUST use the loader so it can register the commands and patch the needed functions on startup.

Because of this I have INCLUDED A MODEL EDIT FIX IN THE PROGRAM as I knew users wouldn’t want to choose between loading WoW using Kynox’s MEF and my Morpher. It is applied automatically on load and works exactly like Kynox’s fix so the transition should be seamless if you choose to do so.

This software is currently UNDETECTED BY WARDEN, and I have what I can to ensure this, but as always, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

CypherMorph uses the WoW console to handle commands, use the tilde key to bring down the console (next to the number 1 on your keyboard, the key has the characters ‘~’ and ‘`’ on it).

There are three command currently:
Morph <DisplayID> (Where DisplayID is any of the display ids in WoW, or ‘-1’ to restore the default DisplayID)
Scale <Scale> (Where scale is a number representing the new scale, 1 is default size, the command supports floating point numbers, eg. 1.25 is valid)
DisplayID <-> (No params, will grab the display ID of a unit or yourself) <– NEW

Commands are executed on your target, or if you have no target they are executed on yourself.

Kynox and Greyman for helping me with all my WoW related stuff and generally being awesome. Bobbysing for his awesome WoW work. Mangos for the idea in the first place and for being an awesome open source project.

July 27th 1:46:
Initial build released. (v20080727-01)
July 27th 4:47:
New build, tool now uses ForceLib and should (hopefully) work with Vista (v20080727-02)
July 27th 5:08:
Vista compatibility confirmed.
July 30th 20:15:
New build with a new command. ‘DisplayID’ will grab the native display id of a unit.
Also fixed a few null pointer bugs.

If the loader won’t run please download the VC++ 2008 Redistributable package, available using the link below.
Download details: Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

Current Version
20081103-01 for WoW v3.0.2


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