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Trade SB:
1) Go to General Goods Vendor and buy a bag.
2) Equip the bag and put it next to the backpack (make sure the new bag is empty)
3) Put your friend/receiver (so you will be the giver, you will trade SB item with the receiver) to make the 1-2 stpes exactly like you.
4) Make party with receiver.
5) Put your Hearthstone into first slot of the bag you just bough (the giver make this)
6) Drag the bag into your friends avatar
7) Accept the trade, you and your friend
Cool You will see that the bag didn’t dissapear, well, drag the item you want to trade on the second slot of the bag you bough
9) The item should dissaper
10) The giver must logout first
11) The receiver must logout AFTER the giver complety logout
12) The receiver must login FIRST and he/she will see the SB item into his/her bag.

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