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This is about the Ambassador of the Alliance Achievement. There are a lot of achievements that can be done on the way to the Ambassador Goal.

The way we do this is to complete all quests in each of the races starting zone up till lvl 20. This will bring you to atleast revered with the 5 factions if you’re low level. Lvl 70s already have a base amount of reputation, so they can easily get exalted while doing low level quests. Even if you are already exalted with one of the factions you must still do the other quests since they give additional reputation with the other factions.

Additional Achievements that can be completed / almost completed

It’s Happy Hour somewhere ( each town / city has specific drinks )
Tastes like Chicken ( each town / city has specific food )
Chef de Cuisine ( Each zone sells his own specific cooking recipes )
Represent ( Draenei Quest gives Tabard of the Hand )

Can I keep him?

Pets that can be obtained while doing quests.
( click on the links to see which pet they sell/give)

Stormwind area
Lil Timmy
Donni Anthania

Ironforge / Gnomeregan area
Yarlin Amberstill ( while ya there you can also buy Rams for the Mount Achievement if you’re exalted or a dwarf. This can also be done at the other faction zones)

Draenei area

Nightelf area

To all the squirrels I’ve loved before ( each zone has different pets that you can /love )
The Loremaster ( You won’t complete this achievement but it does help getting you there. )
World Explorer ( While you are question you can take a bit more time exploring each zone )

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