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So, after being in there so long, I got tired of killing the boss just to open the gates. Always wished there was a faster way.

After dcing right after an eye knocked me out of stealth, I was pissed and trying to log back in, spamming my Forward key, since I was next to a pack of Ghouls. During which I saw myself on the other side of the gate. Curious, I attempted to try and repeat this..Which I did.

Doesn’t matter how good of a computer you have (mine is custom and so is my huband’s. I’ve tried on both pc’s..while his is better than mine, it still works)

1. Enter Strat, open the gates and whatnot and stealth or run through (stealther’s don’t have to kill any trash) and go to the slaughterhouse gates.

2. Alt+f4 out, right there. You want to completely exit the game!

3. Log back in, and once you hit your loading screen, SPAM your forward key. Sometimes you will log in and get instantly dc’d again, just means you got caught in the item you was trying to pass through, so just log back in and try it again.

4. Profit! I did 20 baron runs doing this with only killing baron (or an eye if it spawned on my way)

You can do this from the slaughterhouse gate all the way to baron’s room.

Help me please!:

Question: I instantly load back in and can’t get past the door! This doesn’t work!
Answer: Oh it does..your cache probably is loading to fast for it to work. You can log onto another toon and fiddle around for a bit to clear it, or upon logging in, put a CD in your drive or do something to make your computer process a second task for the loading to be slown down.

Question: I keep dcing, what am I doing wrong?
Answer: You are doing it right, but not getting far enough. When the area finally loads, your character is stuck in a graphic so it kicks you back out. Just spam your forward key harder and win.

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