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So im farming roughly 100 [Encrypted Twilight Text] from the Twilight guys at the twilight camps in silithus, now these guys have health ranging from 3300 – 4000 im farming these guys as a rogue im mutilate spec not a great spec for farming anything so if u can aoe u can farm alot more per hour etc

now a stack of 20 texts is selling for 75g on my server, prices may depend on market on server etc

now why are ppl buying these for so much because they are too lazy to farm them and they wanna get them and turn them in for rep to get the Achievement [Guardian of Cenarius] wich involves getting exalted with cenarion circle and cenarion expedition

oh one last thing all these mobs drop Twilight cultist sets witch include helm robe and shoulders when u equip all of these u can summon a small boss from the lesser wind stones at at the camps and they drop an [Abyssal Crest] and usually a level 53 green, i also sell [Abyssal Crest]x3 for 25g as these can also be turned in for rep. you also get 15-20+ stacks of runecloth per hour as well these sell for about 7.5g per stack on my sever and if u DE all the greens that drop you can sell the mats

forgot to tell u keep ur look out for a 60 elite Twilight Prophet she has 2 gaurds with her she drops 7-10 Texts check this link to see her paths in silithus

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