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I found a way to get inside EVERY arena before it starts!

This is how:
1. Que up for arena and take off ALL of your gear that can be damaged.
2. Fly up on your mount in outlands and kill yourself untill the arena pops.
3. Once the arena pops, quickly hit enter battle followed by release spirit. (must hit enter battle first, then release spirit so that when you freeze to enter, the release spirit button is looking like its being pushed down.)
4. You will release your spirit in the middle of the arena! so quickly equip all your gear and get ready to fight!

This is extremely handy for rogues expecially. I use this on my shammy, and i just stack up on my totems b4 it starts, and as soon as they come out…i pew pew and take them both to about half health b4 they can do anything!



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  1. by bum, on October 28 2009 @ 5:43 pm


    awesome exploit

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