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In this guide you will learn how to gank up to 40x lvl 1-25 at the same time!

What you’ll need:

1: One account with an Alliance that is preferably lvl 60-70
2: A friend or another account that has a lvl 70 Horde (preferably a Shaman) on the same realm as the Alliance

This is what you will do with the Alliance character

Go to any capital city with your Alliance.
Say this in trade:

/2 Looking for low lvl 1-20’s for my movie! You will get 25 gold after we are done recording.
/w for invite.

You will get A LOT of whispers asking for invite.
Invite everyone!

Now you have a raid with about 20-40 noobs!
Tell them all to get to Goldshire.
Once everyone is there , send them a readycheck.
And when everyone click that they’re ready, say that you will start record in about 10 seconds and that they should be ready to run all the way to Redrige Mountains.

Your friend’s or your Horde character should be placed at about 11.67 in Redrige Mountains hiding behind the mountains.

Now back to the Alliance character.
Go to about 10,71 and tell everyone to stop.
Then tell them to line up in a row and kneel down.
Tell them that you will film yourself walking past them.
Go to like 5,71 and tell them that you are going to start the filming in 10 sec.

Meanwhile your/your friend’s Horde character can just cast Chain Lightning (or any other AoE attack) .
But Chain Lightning is suggested because they will be lined up.


If they ask you what they have to do in the movie, just tell them that you will be filming when everyone walks behind you to Redrige Mountains.

And you don’t just have to be one horde character, take with you as many as you want ^^.

And why not actually film it? It would be a laugh!

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