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I wrote a neat little script for my hunter, that deals damage without any interaction of me. This works great at encounters where you don’t move much, Brutallus is a good example. It can also be used by other classes, which mainly only use one single spell to deal damage (eg. Shadow Bolt). It does this by sending the button “2” (can be changed) in a random interval directly to the game, so you can also browse these forums or do other things on your desktop while the script continues dealing damage in World of Warcraft. Here is the script, you’ll need to compile it yourself with AutoIT:


HotKeySet("^t",switch"); <-- "^t" is the hotkey, ^ = ctrl

$toggle = 0

Func switch()
    If $toggle = 0 Then
        $toggle = 1
        $toggle = 0

while 1
    sleep (Random(12, 73)); <-- here you can change the interval
    if $toggle = 1 Then

func cast()
    Controlsend("World of Warcraft", "", "", "2"); <-- "2" is the button to be spammed

How to use: While WoW is started, lay a spell on the button you defined to be spamed (default: 2) and press the hotkey you defined (default: ctrl+t) to start it, press the hotkey again to stop it.

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