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Ever read the guides such as I know a Hunter Life Bug but no info? or WTT Hack but you have nothing to give? Well Heres a guide for you =D Remember to leave rep cookies. This will teach you everything you need to know to get…..
Hope that got you hooked
Step One: If you want your pet to have health get Endurance Training 5/5 and Spirit Bond (Beast Mastery Talents)
For Damage get
Improved Aspect of the Hawk 5/5
Improved Aspect of the Monkey 3/3
Thick Hide 3/3
Unleashed Fury 5/5
Step Two: Rinse and Repeat (Note – You can get both Damage and Defense but they wont hit as much, dont get me wrong 2.5k damage a sec is alot but if you wanted all out damage, you would be amazed)

ALSO as everyone has been saying when you have made your macro and log in make sure you reset once then it should work the macro i use is
/script ConfirmTalentWipe()

There are some weird bugs tho as to how to get it working even if you put it in right sometimes it dont work but i found the way it always works seems that somethings up with the way wow saves your macros so follow this.

put /script ConfirmTalentWipe() call your macro “Talents” without quote’s put it on hotkey 1. and use the elf / stealth kinda symbol now exit wow and go into your wow folder you will see a WTF folder go in there diffrent people have diffrent things but in that folder find Marcos-cache.txt open that and delete everything out of it and replace it with.

MACRO 1 “Talents” Ability_Ambush
/script ConfirmTalentWipe()

Then save then open wow exe go to the hunter reset npc reset once then put 1 talent point into ur tree and click hotkey 1. and it should all work.

This is for people who cant get it working the normal way because even me when i input it porpely my wow seems to make the macro not work witch is why i tell you to copy paste that one into your marco-cache.txt.

Some bugs that sometimes dont make it work are the hunter not having a pet for some reason that can effect it.

Also for max damage as well make sure your pets green and 125% loyalty.

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  1. by marvin, on September 8 2009 @ 1:04 pm


    still work for 3.0.9 ?

  2. by mario, on April 23 2010 @ 10:17 am


    I don’t understand this “Then save then open wow exe go to the hunter reset npc reset once then put 1 talent point into ur tree and click hotkey 1. and it should all work.”
    How to reset npc?

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