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Basically to summarize the trick:
– enter AB, AV, run up to the gate
– click this macro: /script SendChatMessage(“\124cff000000Haha lol, you can’t see this coz it’s DCing me :P\124r”,”Say”,”Orcish”,””);
– thank these forums for this macro (macro from user: TelepathicIndian)
– this will auto disconnect you
– log back in
– with a little lag on the loading of collision models you can walk right through the door before it appears.

For AB/AV:
– i usually take 1,2 steps forward through the gate, wait for it to zone it, mount up and run off.

For WSG:
– You need to lag here or you will get auto ported back. Lag switch FTW.

Other doors:
– Think of a door, you know it, this trick will work.

Why is it not working for me?!?!?:
– It seems to work quite frequently for me. Yet I sat down with a friend on his computer to do it and it did work but took a ton of tries. You probably have a super fast computer or a single core computer.

How to improve success rate:
– Well first off, if you play wow on a dual or single core machine you will quickly tell a difference in how the world loads. Seems like on a single core machine this trick is damn near impossible but on a dual core machine with lots of ram it likes to asynchronously load everything while you are already logged in. My loading screen lasts like 3s but I zone into a blank world, which means I can pull this trick off almost all the time.
– So my only tip to increase success rate is to use up some of that beautiful ram on something other than WoW so it is fighting for some to load up the collision models. Since WoW partitions the world and loads major portions of the zone you are in to RAM this seems like a good place to start.

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