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WoW MultiBotXer by Um3W
Version 0.4 ALPHA

2.4.3 Private and Live(Undetected for the moment))
All these features work without using macros
For the moment the tool only support mages ,priests and warriors
You can use others class but they will only do what mentionned below
-Up to 4 bot in the same time
-You can minimize your others WoW session and play with your main in fullscreen ( but you need to have a good computer)
-Your alts follow your main
-Your alts attack when you get aggro
-Attack My target function which can let your alts to attack your main’s target
-Stay/Rejoin Function

Combat routine:
-Send 1 key to your mage’s WoW session (fireball) every 400ms

-Check who have the lowest health and heal him (Send 1 )

-Attack and Send(2) every 1000ms

Tool Requirement:
-A Good computer which can handle two or more WoW sessions.

How to use:
-Open multibotxer
-Config the tool
-launch WoW‘s sessions
-Click on the big button ( RUN MULTIBOTXER)
As you can see , it is very easy to use it , but don’t forget to make a group with your alt and to press DEL

Warning ! Do not bind Numpad keys(1 to 5) they are used by the tool

Known Bugs:
-If you have an azerty keyboard , you’ll may have some difficulty to use
“Attack My Target” function ,in this case just press SHIFT key or ALT Key.

ToDo List:
-Switch main feature
-All classes support
-Customize your alt’s combat routine
-Loot function -Hard-
-Buff function
-Warden prevention

Link to download : RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
Link to download : DOWNLOAD NOW!

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