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You need two accounts and to change you’re settings in video to windowed mode. I use these set-ups and I’m on a pretty old PC

AMD 2200
AGP4x 9800Pro

You’re gonna need two basic macros on your slave

/assist <mastersname>
/follow <mastersname>

Now bind these two macros to something like F5 & F6 on your slave and unbind F5 & F6 on your master account so every time you press F5 or F6 it will make your slave target your and assist whatever you’re attacking or it will target your and follow you.

This will make it so your Slave will follow you and will assist what ever your attacking.

On your slave account I’d make these changes.

Notice on my bindings I have unbound the wsadqe keys and all the keys that open up boxes that would make a window popup as this will mess up your assist macro if you have a window open on your slave. Here is my simple slave keybindings.

I have the arrow keys for my movement just in case I ever need to move my slave just by his self or reposition him during fights.

Now the set up for the attacks I just set pyro as 1, fireball as 2, scorch as 3, fireblast as 4, icebolt as F3, Combustion as F4, my drink is num+9 and food is num+4 etc etc this way when ever i press this it will press both of them on my two instances of running wow so my characters act in perfect harmony.

This is a pretty basic starter guide for keyclone and as you get better at it and spend time with it you’ll figure out your own little

Hope this has been some help!
You can find a working version of cracked keyclone here.
That was posted by malgin a little ago so link should still work.

Other alternatives are

Enjoy your very basic dualboxing guide.

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