First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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  2. Great Video Guide: "How to Level Your World of Warcraft Character Solo From Level 1 to 90 The FASTEST Way Possible?"

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This bot has come highly recommended to me, the trial seems good too. At this time I currently do NOT have any cd-keys or cracks, so you have to pay for it if you want more than a trial. Check it out and see if you like it though. With Glider being shut down this may be your only real public quality bot.

Farmer John, custom made World of Warcraft bot. Has all horde waypoints set up and can level a character from 1-70. Has alliance waypoints up to 40, will be adding rest of them this week. Auto trains, auto sells, auto repairs, auto skins. Have leveled a druid with it to 62.5 in about 3 weeks and made 3950g. You’ll never have to buy gold, which will pay for the program itself. Developed by me personally, currently undetected for 7 months (never been affected by a ban wave).

-HideObjects Hack: make trees and things disappear and you can run through them, very helpful for pvp.
-Altitude/Z Hack: teleport vertically up or down
-Fish Bot: Level fishing and generate income automatically
-PVP Mode: Auto queue/leave bgs. Runs around looking for enemies to kill for honor farming.

Future Features:
-Auto mining and herbalism
-Party Mode

$25 for a cd-key valid for one account name for lifetime registration. Check out Freedumb Download Farmer John Demo if you would like to try a time restricted demo.

Farmer John Home Page: Farmer John

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