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Starting OffFirst things first, Install WoW, then get WPE Pro 0.9a. I’m sick of the link going down!This “hack” will only work on Free Servers, and if it works on Official, use it at your own risk. Don’t say i didn’t warn you!Run WoW. Then open up WPE. (You will probably have to turn off your antivirus, as this program is detected as a virus, this is ONLY because what you do between WPE and WoW is essentially what some types of Viruses and Trojans do.) Open up Perm Edit, and scroll around untill you find WPE Pro.exe, select this and click “Grant Permissions”.Go back into WPE and select the program WoW.exe from the “Target Program” list in the top left.Using WPE for SpellsRun WoW, Windowed if you can, as it will make it easier to swap back and forth between it and WPE. Enter the world as your character.Go someplace where there is a minimum number of People, NPC’s and monsters.In WPE click “Start Logging”Go back to WoW and cast a spell (Prefferably one that is instant cast and doesnt need a target. I have found this works better.)Go back to WPE and click “Stop logging” The faster you do this proccess the easier it is to find your spell.You should see something like this.You’re numbers probably won’t be the same as mine, but they aren’t supposed to be (Please actually read this tutorial, as opposed to complaining to me about your numbers not being the same!!!)These numbers determine what spells and actions you have done during the time of “logging”.Scroll around and try and find a set of numbers that are “send”.It can be any size, but usually it is between 10-30 depending on the spell.Now, count along from left to right, and find the 7th and 8th numbers (OMG! If it doesn’t have 7th or 8th numbers it’s NOT the right spell)These are the numbers that represent your spell.On your left (in WPE) are filters.Click on filter 1 and click “Edit selected filter” Now in this new window type in the 7th and 8th numbers from your spell in the “Search” row under offset 007 and 008 columns.Then go Hereand find a spell that you would like to cast. Not all items and spells work, it depends on your patch, and server.For my example i am changing the spell “Life Tap” [level 1] to Cone of FireType your new spell code below your spell, in the modify row/column.Then once you do that, you should have something that looks like this Click “Apply” Tick your newly made filter. Click on Enable/Disable filters Go back to WoW and Cast your new spell.-Edit-Found this spell, called Breath. (Common Hacking spell, you might get banned for this.)Preferably change an instant cast, no target needed spell.Change the 7th and 8th offset of the modify bar to BF 42This spell does between 1.5k to 3k fire Damage. really good for leveling anyone.I’m fairly sure it hurts EVERYONE so you cant level n00bs with it unless they stand really far away. Using WPE for ItemsBy now, you should have a fairly good understanding on how this works, from mucking around with spells.  Getting Items with WPE is not exactly as cool as you’d think.Bascailly what you do is change the item from what you buy to be something different when you buy it. it doesn’t change the price of the item, so if you try and change a 1 copper item into a l33t item you are gonna be paying the price of the l33t item. You don’t “make” items, it just makes most things easier to get. Very Useful for quest items, as they usually dont have a very expensive buy price.First you need to find out the number of the item you want to “hack”For my example i will be buying a “Soul Shard” [1c] and replacing it with “Soultemple Guardian” [113g 12s 8c]To find out the code of the item so you can replace it, you need to go to a shop and start logging in WPEBuy the item and stop loggingAgain, the faster you do this proccess the easier it is to find your item.Now its a little trickier here. Find your item among all thats been logged.It will be “send”, and probably between 10 and 35.Mine looked like this.The numbers to look for here, are the 15th and 16th numbers, these are what define the item.Go over to your filters, click on a filter that isn’t in use (if you’re following this guide exactly, click on filter 2)Click on the filter and click “Edit selected filter” In offset 15 and 16.Type the code of your item in your search row, and the number of the item you want to replace it with in the modify row. Then you should have somethign that looks like this:Click “Apply” Tick your newly made filter. Click on Enable/Disable filters Go back to WoW and Buy your new Item.Using WPE for NamesUsing WPE for Names, is pretty cool.Let’s say you want a 1337 name. WoW by default wont let you have numbers or anything other than letters in a name. With this simple procces you can have t3h 133735+ n4m3 p055ibl3. To begin with, think of the name you want to have, for my example i will be using <GM>0mgl0lh4x.To hack this name, you need to have a name with equal letters. This name has 13 letters.So the name i will create my character with is TESTAonetwoXD, which also has 13 letters.To convert these names to hex go to, Swing Notes – Text to Hex Editor.Once you have both codes, paste them into something like notepad and put a space between each sets of 2 numbersso instead of 54455354416f6e6574776f5844 you want54 45 53 54 41 6F 6E 65 74 77 6F 58 44 In WPE select a filter and edit it.Then from the 7th ‘search’ offset onwards paste the code (with the spaces in it, from notepad) of the name you want to changeso you have something that looks like thisThen do the same with the name you want to change to, in the ‘modify’ barSo it looks like thisOpen up WoW, Enable your filter in WPECreate a character with the name you want to change, so for me i create one calledTESTAonetwoXDClick the create character button in WoW, return to the character list, and your new character will have your hacked name.Once you’ve hacked the name, you dont need the filter anymore.You can’t change the name once it’s been made.Creating a Nameless CharacterFollow the previous steps, but when it comes to modifying the name of the character, instead of finding the hex of a new name, simply type 20 in for each HEX/letter:So instead of:54 45 53 54 41 6F 6E 65 74 77 6F 58 443C 47 4D 3E 30 6D 67 6C 30 6C 68 34 78You have:54 45 53 54 41 6F 6E 65 74 77 6F 58 4420 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20This replaces every letter with a space, which, if a GM guesses how many spaces your name has, they can still ban you.Unlike if you use 00. This means you can’t be banned ever, because you don’t actually have a name, unfortunately you can’t chat at all.Using WPE for Quests (Taken From Hippo’s WPE Quest Post)-Find one of the quests that’s like “speak with this person”-Look up the quest ID via World of Warcraft: Quest Lookup-Go to filters, in slot 15 and 16 type in the hex value of the quest id(make sure you flip it, so if your hex is like 5A 83 you would put it in WPE as 83 5a)-Under the 15 and 16 (in modify) put in: 6b 1eThis is the quest “Rise, Thunderfury!”hit apply and turn the filter ontalk to the quest guy for the noob quest you looked up. accept “Rise thunderfury”.turn off your filter and accept the actual quest run to the guy the noob quest tells you to talk to***IMPORTANT*** Click the guy and go to the screen that you can hit “Complete” at. Ifyou have to press Continue then do it. **** DO NOT PRESS COMPLETE YET****Turn your filter on. Hit complete. Talk to him again and accept Rise, thunderfury.”turn off the filter and get to the complete screen, then turn it on and press complete.CODE0F 03 — A Threat Within – Northshire Valley – human29 23 — 100000 gold for some shardsE6 1B — xp quest (these are different for different repacks)E5 1B — xp quest6b 1e — xp questif u can find your server repack u can find special items or quest just look on quest.scp and items.scphave funFilters (Under Construction)Filters, for all of you out there too lazy to make your own filters for spells, items and quests.I plan on having a filter for each of the following:Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Shaman, Priest, Paladin, Druid, Hunter, Warlock, or D. all of the above.Awesome Items and Quests.(coming soon)I have included some of them in the WPE PRO Download at the top.Feel free to ask for custom Filters.Troubleshooting WPEQ. How do I make my own hex codes for Spells/Items/Quests?A. Go to Allakhazam to find the Spell/Item/Quest ID’s. It will be the last part of the items’ page url eg the 499 is the item ID. Then open up the windows calculator (or go Here and click decimal to hex) go into scientific mode (View->Scientific) click on the “Dec” button, type or paste your ID code and click on the “Hex” button and there you have your code. I don’t know for sure yet, but most of the time you have to switch this set of 2 numbers arounde.g. if you get “4658” type it into WPE as “5846”-If it doesn’t work, then most probably the ID on the server you play is different from official WoW.New Method!Get this converting application, which will automatically convert to the WPE hex from any IDQ. After i change the ID of my Spell/Item/Quest to hex, it has five numbers! e.g. 14 E3 3. How can i change this into a sendable WPE Code?A. Well lets look at the facts.WoW codes Hex backwards, making 14 E3 to E3 14Having 1 more digit is possible, I’ll show you what i mean, For Death Touch (Spell) it’s hex only contains a 5, nothing else but it has to be placed in 2 boxes. It is possible, like this 00 05 You just keep adding zero’s until it fills up both boxes.So this is how you do it to a 3, 00 03So your code is 14 E3 3 make the first two sets of numbers backwards and add a zero, E3 14 03It doesn’t matter if you are using two boxes in the ‘search’ bar on the top and fourty on the bottom ‘modify’ bar.It doesn’t matter, its just telling WPE the value in hex.I am not 100% sure of the placement of the 03, you can also try:E3 14 30E3 03 14E3 30 14Q. How do i use WPE on an LACD Server?A. Go Here for a nice tutorial on how to use Process Gaurd to bypass LACD, by Marik.You can download a “Cracked” version of Process Guard, Here, just install it and put the file in the “copy patch” folder in your Process Guard directory (replace the file already there). You have to restart after install, or it won’t work.

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