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Hello, here I will explain how to get INSANE damage on the 9038 PTR?(not sure) / wotlk beta servers…First, get an 2h axe, spec up to the point at to which your going to pick up the poleaxe talent in the arms tree, get to an instance. enter the instance.Spec 1/5 into poleaxe spec.Equip an 1h axe on.Spec into 3/5 poleaxe spec.Equip your 2h axe on and switch back to 1h axe three times, so you do 2h axe > 1h axe > 2h axe > 1h axe > 2h axe > 1h axe etc…Now, spec into 5/5 poleaxe spec, and swap those two 1h / 2h weapons you have been swapping some more, you should notice when pressing c to view your character, that when you view the melee pane and look at “Damage:”, it should go up every time you do an swap.Walaa! Thats it… after about 50 swaps you could pretty much one shot anything tbh.

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