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As most of you have already discovered, any website offering a WoW Stat Changer is for the most part a guaranteed scam, and I would not recommend buying or download their program. But there are people who are able to change their stats and essentially “hack” the server. Now you may be asking yourself “Why wouldn’t they share it with everyone and make tons of cash?” The answer is simple, people who make stat changers can not only make MORE money than they could if they sold it, but they wouldn’t have to worry about their program getting patched. Think about it, with a stat changer, the person who made it could easily get a character to 70 in a few minutes, get it full PvP in an hour or two, and then sell it for around $200. Also by not releasing it to the public, they wouldn’t have to worry about Blizzard catching on and rendering it obsolete.

Now in this quick little guide a good friend of mine and I made, I’ll teach you the basics of making a stat changer that will be all your own. It won’t be easy, but with some free time and a good grasp basic programming, you can have a stat changer up and running in a couple weeks.

Step 1: Learn

For people with only a basic understanding of computers and programming, this step often tends to be long and tedious, but just hang in there. The first thing you are going to want to do is familiarize yourself with how WoW works and exacty what happens when you cast a spell, move forward, etc. I would highly advise reading HowStuffWorks’s article on WoW to get a good idea of how everything works (link at the bottom). Also its a good idea to learn about WoW‘s anti-cheat software “Warden” to aviod being caught. Next I would learn about Blizzard’s servers to get a good idea of weak points like highly populated areas or weak times such as server restarts. Learning all you can about the “WoW Operation” is a good idea, and is key if you wish to make a good, undetectable stat changer.

After you learn about WoW its time to learn C and C++ programming. This is pretty straight forward, and lots of sites have tutorials, videos, and lessons on this kind of stuff. One word of advice would be to START SMALL. Don’t try writing a stat changer on your first go. Make a something simple first, then work your way up.

Step 2: Making & Testing Your Program

After learning all you can, its time to beign your program. Everything is up to you on this one, I’m just going to guide you in the right direction with 3 simple rules.

1) Test on private servers first!

You are going to want to find a Blizz-Like server to test on before you use it on live servers. The reason behind this should be pretty obvious.

2) Changing item effects is easier and safer than direct stat changing.

For example: If you want more health change the effect of a piece of armor from lets say +27 Stamina to +2700 Stamina.

3) Don’t go too far with your changes

Keep your changes rather modest, a good rule is to never go over +3000. Anything more than that usually gets you banned before you can say “damn”.


The client stores information about your character and your in-game options in the WTF folder on your hard drive. Files in this folder are usually in one of three formats:

  • Text (TXT) files
  • WTF files, which can be opened and read with a text reader (like TextEdit on a Mac or Notepad on a PC)
  • LUA and LUA.BAK files, which come from the Lua programming language.


Step 3: Live Server Usage

Well its taken a lot of time and effort, but your stat changer is up and running. Pat yourself on the back if you make it this far, most people don’t make it past step one. On your first try on the live server, I would suggest using another account such as a trail or an alternate account so you don’t get your main account banned. Also, if possible, do it over a public IP address using Wi-Fi from your local coffee shop. If you really want to be secure, use it on an old computer that you don’t use anymore. All this will keep you from being tracked. On your first change, try increasing it by 1, then work your way up. If there is a problem, close WoW, and determine the problem. Often on your first few tries Warden will identify what you are doing, persistance is key. Keep trying and increaseing values by increments of 1 until you hit 10. Then increase by increments of 10 untl you hit 100. Now for the tricky part, most items in WoW don’t have buffs on them that go over 100, so you need to be careful and logout at the first sign of trouble (it helps to be in a large city with lots of players around you). Keep increaseing from 100 using increments of 100 until you hit 1000. If you hit 100 then CONGRATS you’ve done it. You are now able to change stats.

Well there ya go.


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