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Ok, the trick to this one is, you want to run, or jump at the very corner of one of the stairways to the higher level bosses. The catch is to do it at the very bottom, and on the right side.

– What this will do is, make you invisible to your party, and no one else can see you, not even yourself. It’s nothing serious, just something minor, but fun.


Alright, I am assuming you guys have questions about it? Is it client side? or server side? Well I have good news, it’s server side. No one will see you, I had my friend do it, and he disappeared and could see the world under the map.

Can you attract agro? That I never found out, but for you to find -wink-. I assume the mobs would just Evade since you would be in the wall, maybe you can use this as a bug, you never know. I tried to fall through the map, but couldnt successfully do it.

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