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Everone know the black day – the ban wave. So i figured out, im not gonna let my acc. go away so easy. Therefore, i got a way to get un-banned, and i tested and so on,,..
And i got Unbanned , but this requires 4 things
1: Brains
2: Confidence
3: persuade skills. <— hope i spelled it right…
4: That you paid with pre-paid gamecards before

So, You call to blizz. When a worker picks the phone, u do this !

Blizz: Hi
You: Hi
Blizz: How can I help you?
You: Yea… I just came home from a 3 months study vacation, and i tried to log on wow, but it said i’ve been banned, so i checked my mail, and it said i’ve been banned because of 3. person software. So i checked my payment history, an i’ve been paying for the time i was gone which is weird, because i was in Germany/Other countries and haven’t paid anything. I think my account has been stolen, nobody else knew my account. ( just remember speak more like real – person – this is just something you follow )
Blizz: i just check your account.
Blizz: I can see you’ve been banned for a while ago , yea..
You: So, now i just want my account ( Just say it like you really believe in it, and it’s not you fault. )
Blizz: Please wait
Blizz: Actually i can’t do it, but i’ll contact some that can.
You: Right, so im getting back online when ?
Blizz: In a Week .
You: Okay , good. Bye ( Dont sound happy , sound more like, this is how it should be. )
Blizz: Bye

After conversation : Laugh Your Ass Off !!! if i did’nt work, dont.
This is a bad recreation of the conversation, but , try it, u got nothing to loose.

hope u like it.

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  1. by Accgotbanned, on December 27 2009 @ 12:42 pm


    I tryed this…. IT FRIKEN WORKED thank you so much bro (and they gave me a month free for the inconvinyonce (not spelled right) thank you soooooo verrrryy much

  2. by OMGMYACOUNTGOTBANNED, on January 14 2010 @ 12:20 am


    LOL!! thats hilarious, but ya, i think im gonna try this……. seems like it will work, but first im gonna try to talk to them first 😛

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