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Ok heres how. Remember if done more than once a GM could get suspicous.

1. Create a new character with a really inapropriate name

2. next level him to about 6-8 and go to the nearest large city

3. Have your main send you alt all your money.

4. Go back on you alt. Pick up the money and go outside the city. attack some mobs if you choose. But be at least a minute from the city.

5. Have a trustworthy friend or guild master report you for an inapropriate name. Then have them go to that city you are at.

6. wait for a GM to talk to you. He will say that you will be prompted to change your name when you next log on. He will ask you to relog. Then say “can i have a minute to log out in a safe zone?” he should say yes. Then walk to the city and trade ALL your gold to your friend.

7. Then log out and when you log back in you will log on to when you first talked to the GM (before you traded the gold).

8. Now you wil have the gold you had when the GM talked to you PLUS your friend will have the gold you traded to him/her and have them trade it back to you.
Thats it. I know this works because I’ve done it. If this was confusing to you please PM and I will describe in more detail

Heres how it works: Say you have 2000g. Well the GM flags you in your conversation. Which causes you to log back on in that same loc. and time. Therefore when you trade the 2000 to your friend he then has 2k gold but when you log out it pings you back 5 minutes or so. Giving you another 2k gold and leaving the 2k he has in his inv.

It could take a couple hours depending on how long the GM takes to talk to you.

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