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You must have a charge ability or shadowstep. (blink not tested)

This said, this is limited to Warriors, Rogues, and druids. (…Don’t think i left anyout)

Anyway, Go in shat to the lower city chickens. They are below the Scyer Tier, or to the left if you are looking at the Scyer Bank Lower City Entrance. Go over to the chickens, and use a non-damage attack on one of the chickens. (Fear, Fiery fire or w/e, Fient.) All the chickens will start to run, select the one that runs through the wall to the south. (Coordinates about 58,71)
Once you see the chicken go through the wall and disapeer, wait maybe a half second more, then charge or shadowstep. You will end up on a ledge just beyond the wall, Mount up and fly away.

You can fly anywhere pretty much, even all the way to Black Temple and get “inside it” without zoning in. Watch out for water spots on your mini-map, some of them dismount you.


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