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well… First off only do this in private servers becuz u will get banned in real servers. and anyways hacking in the real servers is bad so dont do it anyways!!

kk this isn’t really a hard hack really. first open WoW.exe in cheat engine.
make sure you are signed in on wow when u do this. make sure you have no buffs and arent on a mount or moving. k now in cheat engine check the 2 boxes called hyper and fast scan. then set the value type to float. then set the value to 7. Then click first scan. kk now listen closely…after its done scanning should only take like 30 seconds. then get on yur mount(not flying mount). then go back in cheat engine and put 14 in the value box. then click next scan. should only take 1-2 seconds. now on the left in cheat engine there should be 5-50 addresses. look for one that says 0c04. double click it and make it go on the bottom. NOW LISTEN… erase the 0c04 and put 0bb8. an save the changes or whatever and change that value to 7 then hit ok. then go back to wow and u should be flying.

I expained it as good as possible… so sorry if u dont like it… but this only works about 1 out of 3 times. so enjoy.

then when u are flying u can also put on speedhack

Latest version:
Cheat Engine 5.4

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  1. by Berry, on April 29 2010 @ 6:54 pm


    nice I haven’t tryed it yet but hope it workz

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