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This is a first class fishbot for World of Warcraft. It’s a pixel bot without reading memory and without injection.


  • Lunchpad which polymorphes the original .exe to a unique .exe
  • You can make profiles for fishing places
  • The bot set the bobber color
  • Option: Beep on fish bait
  • Option: Shift to loot
  • Option: Window title renaming
  • Option: Action after x time
  • Buffs himself
  • Can use lure
  • Whisper detection + reply
  • Take screenshot on whisper
  • Play sound on whisper
  • Randomly target friend or enemy
  • A tooltip in left top corner
  • Logfile
  • Help file + pics
v2.0.4 new 10.07.2008 – 16:38 Uhr 1137 KB

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