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Alright so I recently got wowinfinity, and decided to see what kind of fun i could have… and well i got the idea of soloing bosses.

Now this works with various bosses in instances (heroic or not) but this is probably the easiest raid boss to solo (but you can probably find others)

WoWinfinity has a thing a option called collision, if you change collision to -2 you can practically “fly” around.

So anyways, go into SSC start flying around and go behind the boss Hydross (first boss) and be just above the water and not on the platform where is, then cast a instant spell and he will start running away from you as he tries to go into the water to hit you, then fly over top of the land and he will come back to you. Keep repeating going over land and water casting instant spells until he dies and then profit with free epics.

Now this would work anywhere where there’s multiple paths a boss could take.

NOW, a little throw out to all the good model editors out there. another really easy way to do this would be to make a path from the start of the instance to the back of the first boss. This way you can just keep walking back and forth on the terrain casting instant spells until he dies, instead of having to use a ‘fly’ hack.

IF ANYONE makes a model edit to do this, I wouldn’t mind using it also. Plus it would be good for everyone else who doesen’t have WoW infinity. I’m currently learning to model edit, but i suck at it right now.

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