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If you do this it allows you to basically swim through the air on while on a flight path.
First you will need a disguise that you are not able to mount on and you can use in combat. Go to Menethil harbor and due north are undead pirates which will throw a curse on you which turns yourself undead, you are able to mount in this.*IMPORTANT:make sure you have your disguise on previously, i used my ogre trinket but noggenfogger/drood forms work. hearth and get to the Isle of Quel’danas and the flight master before the 2 minute undead debuff comes off. (basially a repost from Bardbrain)

This is where it gets different:

Bardbrain did this with the bombing quest on the isle of Quel’Danas called “Distraction at the Dead Scare.” But if you want to do this while flying on an actual flight path…you have to do it out of any flight path above Eastern Plaguelands. When you get to the EPL-Ghostlands border you will hit a loading screen. IMPORTANT* make sure that you do not go out of your ogre suit/noggenfogger/drood form before this point. Enjoy your swim through Eastern Kingdoms.

But that’s not all when I logged back in(after I logged out while in flight) I was back on a wyvern not swimming and not the original flyer I started on…the dragonhawk. And I was way off the flight path through terrain until the game finally corrected itself and put me back on course once I hit the next flight master.

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