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EDIT NOTES! I just tested again with /help instead of /no and /help doesnt break afk! Switching back to /s no -.-
Its simple. SO simple, you might even find it hard to believe thats its so simple.
Whats so simple? Being afk irl but not ingame
Why is it so simple? All you have to do is make a macro.
What do I gotta do? Type /m, make a new macro, then copy and paste the following:
/in 290 /s no
/in 590 /s no
/in 890 /s no
/in 1190 /s no
/in 1490 /s no
/in 1790 /s no
/in 2090 /s no
/in 2390 /s no
/in 2690 /s no
/in 2990 /s no
/in 3290 /s no
/in 3590 /s no
/in 3890 /s no
/in 4190 /s no
/in 4490 /s no
/in 4790 /s no
/in 5090 /s no
After you have made the macro simply click it, and every 4 minutes 50 seconds you will automaticly say “no”, making you unable to go afk.
You can change the “no”” part in the macro to anything you want, and what you changed it to is what you will say. For example, if you replaced “no”” with “imnotafk”, you will say “imnotafk” instead of “no”.
NOTE: Clicking the macro multiple times will not make it repeat. All it will do is make you say “WHAT YOU TYPED” abunch of times. (<——I think )
LAST NOTE: Make sure you go somewhere safe BEFORE you click the macro, as you cant say stuff when youre dead. Try searching afk spot to find one

4 Comments so far »

  1. by Ápplepie, on March 16 2010 @ 10:00 am


    when will i have to click the button again to make it work again after 5090 seconds?

  2. by Erik, on March 29 2010 @ 7:21 am


    Is this illegal or something? Can I get a ban is I use this macro?

  3. by swae, on April 7 2010 @ 1:35 am


    you need to fix some of the times for this to make you never go actually afk, as there is 300 seconds between the first time, the second time, and every time after that.

  4. by Mr.Bunny, on April 11 2010 @ 5:15 am


    No you cant get banned if you use this kind of macro, you’re not doin anything wrong and if they would told you to stop it you can just say that you where there. It’s an macro not an script, /in (wait time until – action) it’s not even using an script.

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