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I used to have a whole list of translations ive found out in the past but its been deleted accidentaly and this is the only one that I havnt seen anyone use, (except me) that I remember. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and decided i’m not bothered if other people use it now.

Only works with Common and Gutterspeak languages.

Thats the only screenshot I have that could serve as proof of it working.

and this is what you have to type to say it:

D a p ab 20 b ppp 41 18 20

If you only want to say Korean then its simply 41 18 20.

Ill throw in some more common ones that people might might not know of here aswell.

Orcish only:
What to type -> what alliance see it as.

OK -> NO
F S F K -> A N A L
O Y O -> LOL
L t A A F -> N l G G A

Theres a few more for orcish such as L A G but I’ve forgotten them, I’ll update when I remember them.

Common/Gutterspeak only:

Ss -> Me
D a p -> Y o u
B ppp -> E vil
Ppp b -> Vil e
Ee oo -> Lo ve

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