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Purpose: This program is made to provide for fast switching World of Warcraft patches. It also contains a launcher system. “WoWMe” launches WoWModelEdit hack, to force WoW to use modelhacks. “Hack” launches DamonT’s NoAddiction Hack. Normal is self-explanitory.


  • Launch program normally, by double clicking (Duh…) to get the GUI. You can also make a shortcut and launch it.
  • If you add ANY parameter to the shortcut, (i.e. Target: “C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\patchselect.exe” off), it will not show a window, but will automatically disable all non-blizzard patches and launch WoW normally. (Handy if a child/sibling plays WoW on the same computer as you, and you don’t want to manually disable your *cough* PvP skins *cough* when they get on. Simply replace the WoW icon on the Desktop with a shortcut to this, change the icon to WoW‘s, and add a parameter to the Target blank)
  • Note: When you “Disable” a patch, it appends .LOK to the end. You can manually remove the .LOK by renaming the file. No changes are made to the file’s contents.
  • Note: This program will only target patches with the name pattern of patch-*.MPQ, where * can be a number or a letter.
  • Note: If you choose to disable a Blizzard patch, the program will automatically re-enable it. WoW won’t work without those =P.

Updates: Next update will include realm selection for all you who play Emus and Retail WoW. Also will update the WoWME and Noaddiction Hack if DamonT updates (If he doesn’t, I’ll try to continue his noble work).

Known Bugs:

  • If you exit PatchSelect from the Launcher Window, it will leave of the process running, but the GUI will dissapear (No big deal, just a cleanup issue. Working on fixing it.)
  • If you have changed your WoW Dir since installation, this program might not work. To fix it, try renaming the directory to what you set it as during installation (Default: %Program Files%\World of Warcraft\)

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